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Mystique Macedonian Restaurant

Authentic Experience

About Us

Mystique is a family restaurant, which brings you the authentic taste of Macedonia!
With a contemporary Macedonian menu, and an array of your favourite beverages, Mystique is the perfect place to dine, drink, or host your next function!

Welcome to Mystique! Nestled in the heart of Reservoir, our restaurant offers an amazing dining experience, inspired by authentic Macedonian cuisine.

At Mystique, we take pride in serving time-honored recipes passed down through generations, using only the freshest, locally-sourced ingredients to ensure an authentic dining experience. Our skilled chefs, infuse every dish with passion and attention to detail, capturing the true essence of Macedonia

To accompany your meal, we offer an exceptional selection of beverages and desserts, elevating your dining experience!

Whether you’re dining with family, friends, or attending a function, Mystique promises an ambiance that fosters laughter, conversations, and an appreciation for the shared joy of food.

Our friendly staff will ensure you feel right at home!

Mystique Events


Make your next event one to remember!
Mystique is the perfect space for birthdays,
weddings, engagements, you name it!